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Investing In Gold

Think twice before investing in gold.

I'm not saying investing in gold is a bad thing; I am saying you should at least know what's going on before you invest. If you invest in gold, you are investing to stay even, where you are now, not to get ahead.

Gold is the standard by which dollars are measured. Because gold is the standard, the value of gold never changes. The price of gold changes, but the value never changes. An ounce of gold is always worth an ounce of gold.

But a dollar is not always worth a dollar. The value of a dollar goes up and down. A 1920s dollar was worth more than a 1970s dollar, which was worth more than a 2000s dollar.

When an ounce of gold "increases in value," that means the value of a dollar has actually decreased that much in value. Gold does not increase or decrease in value because gold is the standard.

If you bought an ounce of gold for $500 one day and another ounce for $700 the next day, that simply means the dollar decreased in its buying power that much over that period of time. Dollars decrease in value when the government prints more dollars with nothing more to support its value.

If you want to use your money to get ahead, to be worth more, then you must invest in something better than gold. You must invest in something that increases at a rate greater than the dollar decreases. That would allow you to buy more gold for less of that commody. It must increase in value in relation to gold, not to the dollar.

No, I'm not telling you what to invest in; I'm not your financial advisor. But I am telling you what to look for.