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Words about God, Faith, and Biblical Study

Respect and Reverence of God is the Beginning of Wisdom

This section relates to spiritual matters. It is contains Bible studies, information and facts that you can use to grow spiritually and enrich your life.

I welcome contact from people who wish to help me by pointing our my various failures in logic, misuse of scripture, Bible study, facts or ignorance which they detect on these pages. Please don't send me statements about church doctrine (I've got enough of my own already; thanks anyway). I only want thoughts supported by Bible scriptures, reason and fact - including scientific fact. Please address your remarks to Jerry.

Here are the topics in this section

Can a Gay Christian be Acceptable to God? Does God reject gay people based on what is written in Leviticus 20:13 and 1 Corinthians 9:6, or there is a better way to understand and apply that scripture? 6 Dec 2012
The Prayer of Faith How does one pray the "Prayer of Faith," as in James 5:15, "And the prayer of faith shall save the sick"? 04 Oct 2012
Transubstantiation A short explanation of the scriptural basis of the doctrine of Transubstantiation 26 Aug 2012
Prayer – A Thesis How prayer works and why 22 Jun 2012
Angels – A Bible Study A Bible study about Angels: who they are, what types they are, and how we should respond to them 17 Jun 2012
Church Growth Why do churches grow? 07 Dec 2011
My Prayers What I pray regularly 08 Dec 2011
Did Jesus Own A Home? Was Jesus a homeless, itinerate beggar, or did he own his own home? 14 Oct 2011
It's Personal What is the difference between Christianity and other religions? 11 Sep 2011
Fulfill the Law or Destroy It? When Jesus said, "I am not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it," where does that put the Old Testament in the lives of Christians 2011
Basic Christianity Short explanations of the Law of God, the Bible, Hell, Judgment and Faith 2011
The Lost Books of the Bible What about all these books that people claim are the "Lost Books of the Bible"? 2011
Questions at Church Some questions were raised at church yesterday (11/14/2010) and I want to clarify what the Bible says in those matters. The questions are,
1) Why did Jesus’ mother and brothers go to see Jesus, which prompted him to tell the crowd that his followers were his actual family (mother and brothers)?
2) Did Mary and Joseph actually consummate their marriage, or did Mary remain a “Virgin"?
3) Did Mary and Jesus’ brothers believe that Jesus was the Messiah?
All Religions Lead to God Do all religions really lead to God? How do you know? 2010
Sexual Sin What is Sexual Sins - really - and how do they apply to us? 2010
Three Questions Three related questions:
  1. How do we know what God wants us to do in a given situation?
  2. Is Christianity the only way to God?
  3. Is Jesus Christ the only way to God?
Truth in All Religions How wise is it to find God in all religions... Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any others? 2010
Propitiation and Confession How are Propitiation and Confession related? 2010
Islamic Antichrist Has the Western World missed it altogether? Will the Antichrist come from Islam and not from Europe? It looks that way. Read God's War on Terror by Walid Shoebat. 2010
Christian Responsibility What is the Christian's proper responsibility to homosexuality? 2010
Who's Crazy Now? What about the modern day loony toon who states that God told him to kill xyz (fill in the blank)? Maybe God did command him or maybe he really believes that God commanded him.  
Violence In God's Name Why is the Old Testament filled with violence? Why are whole cities, men, women and children, annihilated? 2009
The Shepherd's Lesson The special lesson a shepherd teaches his sheep has special significance for us. 2009
Translation Difficulties in the Bible What role does a woman play the the Bible and today's church? Is she second place, or equal? 2009
Women in the Bible What role does a woman play the the Bible and today's church? Is she second place, or equal? 2009
Today's Prophecy What should we make of all these prophecies that the End Times are here? Whole ministries have sprung up interpreting today's events with Biblical prophesy. Should we be concerned? 2009
Star of Bethlehem What was the Star of Bethlehem?  
To Hell and Back Video testimonies of people who died, went to hell and came back.  
Gospel of Judas Commentary on the Gospel of Judas  
Idolatry What should we think about "Crystals Skulls" and such things?  
Symbols Used in the Bible A brief study about how symbols are used in the Bible, such as "stars" are symbolic of angels, "incense" is symbolic of prayers.  
What Did the Jews Know About Jesus Being a Sacrificial Messiah? When John the Baptist proclaimed about Jesus, "Behold! The Lamb of God!" Did the Jews know what he was talking about?  
Eternal Security Once saved, can a Christian ever be lost again for any reason or grievous sin?  
God in Answered Prayer Why are prayers answered in every religion?  
Truth Is Greater Than A Lie No matter how dressed up and attractive the lie may be, it cannot compare to the beauty and strength of the most unpleasant truth. That is because the lie does not exist, but the truth does. You can build on an illusion only in your imagination, but you can always build and depend on a truth.  
Knowing God - Part I What does God expect us to know of him and how does that affect our lives and theology?  
What About the Catholics? - Part II Based on the Biblical presentation of salvation, should we consider Roman Catholics to be Christian?  
Allah vs. Yahweh Is Allah, the god of Islam, the same as Yahweh, the god of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus?  
The Imminency of Jesus' Return A common teaching in the Christian church is that when Jesus died his disciples expected him to return quickly... Is that common teaching correct or should we re-examine it?  
What Does God Want Me To Do? Understanding Your Role in God's Will and Answering the Question, "What Does God Want Me To Do?"  
Predestination Studying what the Bible really says about predestination  
Perfection People fall into error because of undefined words and expressions. One of these words is "Perfect."  
Pride Pride is probably the greatest good and at the same time most evil attribute in the human psyche.  
The Sun What does the Bible say about the sun?
What did the church say about the sun?
What can we learn from it?
Myth buster - Christian Killings Myth: Throughout history, more deaths have been caused in the name of Jesus than in any other way.  
Triumphant Week Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday afternoon and not on the so-called "Good Friday."