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My Prayers

My Father in heaven, most holy and precious is your name. Above all in heaven and earth, you are exalted. Thank you for being the most holy and powerful one, full of mercy and peace. Your kingdom is over all; let your will, your kingdom and your authority all be done on earth just as they are done in heaven. You, Lord, rule over us just as you rule in heaven. There is no other power and authority we seek or acknowledge.

Thank you for saving us from our sins. Thank you for your mercy and kindness. Thank you for your love and graciousness. Thank you for watching over and and caring for us in every way. Thank you for receiving us as your loved one, beloved children.

Lord, cleanse me in every way, that I may truly represent you on earth and not offend your spirit in any manner whatsoever. Search me thoroughly, and spy out my secret, hidden sins. Banish all evil thoughts and spirits from my heart, mind and soul. I give them up and I hate anything that separates me from you. With a dentist's pick, scrape clean any hidden dirt and filth in the secret crevices, niches and cracks of my soul. Make me clean, for you.

Father, I am weak. I slip into sin. I neglect daily spiritual exercises. I forget to remember you. I forget to pray. But I want you to know that I choose no other god than you, my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of creation, the God of the Bible, Yahweh, and Yeshua your Son, my messiah and savior. Therefore, when I am weak, you be my strength. When I fall short of you, you take the extra step towards me. When I turn to you, you come flying to me. When I forget you, you be my memory; you remember me and remind me of you. You, O Lord, bridge the gap to me, for I am not sufficient to bridge it to you.

Lord, I understand you created the universe, from every galaxy to every molecule and atom, particles known and unknown. I understand that you made many parts, and not everything one thing. Not all are suns; not all are molecules or planets. Yet all work together and together they form the universe. We are the same way, Father. Not all are great. Not all are minor. Yet all are necessary to work together to form your kingdom on earth. And so let it be with me, one of many. I'm only a cog on a wheel, one of many, yet oh so necessary for the whole to work and perform its task. Let me work faithfully and not miss my turn. Use me as you will; put me where you will, that I may faithfully serve you always.

The type of person I want to be is the type of person you want me to me. I don't want to be like Peter or James or John or Paul, or even like Jesus. Each person is unique and none should be a copy of another. Together we make up the variety of God, the variety of your kingdom, Therefore I want to be me, your creation, in the way you created me to be. I want to be the type of me that you want me to be, and I do my job perfectly for you..

Lord, all wisdom comes from you. In wisdom you created the heavens and the earth. Let this wisdom be in me, too. Help me to understand spiritual truths. Fill me with the knowledge and wisdom of God. Earth is yours by design and creation. You put us here to live and learn, to learn both earthly and heavenly secrets. Open my eyes and my heart to receive and understand what you have for us. Let me not wander about in ignorance and darkness, but fill me will your light, truth, understanding, wisdom and knowledge. Be pleased to dwell in me with your spirit of wisdom.

Fill me up with faith, Lord. I understand now that faith is also a gift. So I'm asking you to put faith in me, and let it grow as high as a mountain. May I walk in faith and understand in faith.

Teach me to love, Lord, as you love. I don't know how to do that right. Be patient with me, and may your love for others grow in me. Grant me wisdom and understanding about how to love.

I pray for my family. Thank you for giving them to me, and me to them. I pray for Ron my partner, my helper, friend, strength and source. I pray for Darthula, the mother of my daughter. I pray for Grace, Dan, Daniel, Amanda, Candice, and Maggie. I pray for my friends who are my extended family, for Doyne and Tricia. I include my brothers and sister: Penny, Hank, Kenneth, Joyce, and each member of their families. I pray for each in their unique needs, and for this group that you will protect them and guide them. Give them strength and health. Protect them from evil, from accidents, from sicknesses, affliction, and Satanic attacks. Help them to grow in you and to trust you. Help them to cope with the trials that beset them. Be their friend and be present in their lives.

I pray for my church, WeHoChurch, and its pastor Terry Brewer. I pray for the church members. Let the Spirit of God move through this church and bring honor and glory to yourself. Bring souls in this church to salvation, to know you, their Lord, King and Savior. May the Word of God be present and hearts touched. Enable Terry, that he may be and continue to be the voice through whom you speak to the congregation. Protect Terry from ill and harm. Grow in him mightily, and help him to put all his trust in you and to believe all you tell him. I ask also that you dwell in Terry's family, in Gianni, in his mother, in his brother and in any other who is close and dear to him.

Father I pray for the United States. I shudder and tremble at what I see it is becoming. The Evil One is enfolding us with his terrible arms, and our children are embracing him gleefully. Our political leaders are following his lies and deceit; they are teaching us to follow them rather than God or our parents. It's like mass blindness and ignorance has engulfed us. Yet, Lord, at one time tremendous revivals swept over this land. People turned to you by the thousands. Under Charles Finney's evangelism, 25% of Americans came to you in steadfast love and allegiance. Yet, now, Lord, although 98% of Americans claim to believe in God, I only see a few that have true allegiance and knowledge of you, our Lord and Savior. Oh God, save us from our sins!

I pray, I beg, I beseech you, please send revival on us again. Let your spirit sweep over this land. Defeat the Evil One. Let his lies be exposed. Let his counsels turn to foolishness. Let your enemy be confused and their plans turn to dust. Bring us to light, Father. Protect this government, and turn us again to the faith of our spiritual fathers.

Oh Lord, a great and evil doctrine has penetrated your family. An evil and hateful way that kills and destroys those who are weak and need you more. Your own people have turned away your gay children, those whom you yourself created for your own will and purpose, those whom you love, those are the ones your children have hated. They are vainfully proud of their political opposition to abortion, and then commit a greater sin, by deliberately standing in the way and blocking the doors to you from those gay children who seek you, who you created and who you love. Our pastors and your own children participate in this evil deed. They have hated us, persecuted us, barred the doors to you against us, and told us that God hates us. They lie and change the Bible to say what you never intended. Evil doers, they are. False prophets. Wolves in sheep's clothing. You warned us they would come, and now we are overwhelmed with them. Father, you did promise to separate the sheep from the goats at your judgment, but please save us now. Protect us from your own children who do us such evil. Stop them in their tracks. Enlighten and save whom you can, and bring to naught those who are stubborn. This evil, pernicious hatred cannot come from you; and so, rip it out of your family. Let it find no place, no home, in your family.

Because of that evil hatred by Christians against gay people, many gays believed them and think you hate them, too. Alas! Such evil in Christians! How can it be? Please send a revival among the gays in American and even throughout the world. Even in Africa, a country is passing laws to persecute and slaughter gay people right now, having been encouraged and enflamed by false ministers from America who went and told them to do exactly what they are doing. Send a revival, Lord! Let it begin among your gay children! Send your powerful spirit of miracles to indwell us, and preach the gospel, and turn America back to you. Bring enlightenment, prophecy, strength, wisdom, light and spirit to America, and let it begin in the gays.

Heavenly Father, you have given me tasks to do. Although you give us our daily bread, and provide for our daily needs, yet Yesua taught us that we should pray and ask you for them. Therefore, I ask. You have given me the task to financially provide for certain of your children. Therefore, I ask, fill my coffers. Let them never be empty. May I faithfully provide for those you have given to me, that none may go hungry or homeless.

Father, I praise you and thank you in Yeshua's name, our savior, king and lord. Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.