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Islamic Antichrist

The Bible, from start to finish, tells us that in the “Last Days” there will be a great war between Satan and the Messiah, or between Christ and the Antichrist. “Last Days” means the end of the time on earth as we know it: nations and governments ruling in their own ways and opinions. After that, according to the Bible, the Messiah will rule the earth from Jerusalem. There will still be governments on earth; they will just be under the Messiah.

The Hebrew word ‘messiah’ is the same as the Greek word ‘christ.’ The English word is ‘anointed.’ Thus, Christ is the Anointed One, the Messiah.

The Bible could be dismissed if it were like any other book, telling fanciful stories. However, hundreds of prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled, and some have been fulfilled in your lifetime. For example, Jesus said the Jews would be scattered across the earth and Jerusalem would be destroyed. After that, he said, in the Last Days the Jews would return to Israel from all over the world. Many Tenach (Old Testament) scriptures also predict the same thing. In AD 70 (about 35 years after Jesus' crucifixion), Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews scattered throughout the world. In 1948, Israel was restored and since then Jews have been returning from all points of the globe. No other book gives prophecies like that, not the Qur'an (Koran), not the Book of Mormon, none of them. Because of its track record of fulfilled prophecies, we give the Bible serious consideration when it talks about things that have not yet happened. We see such things are beginning to happen right now.

When I was giving Bible studies in my home, some people asked me to do a study on the Last Days. I declined because it is a huge subject and, although I have learned many things about prophecy, I am not qualified to stand before a group of people and say, “This is the way it is...” I would be giving my opinion as often as Bible doctrine. My classes were not titled “Jerry's Opinions;” they were “Bible Study.”

Looking for the Antichrist has been a favorite pastime of Christians. They first thought Nero was the Antichrist, and used the Bible to prove it. Protestants thought the Pope was the Antichrist and the Pope thought Martin Luther was the Antichrist. Christians thought Napoleon was the Antichrist. They thought Adolph Hitler and/or Benito Mussolini was the Antichrist. Even Hal Lindsey wrote The Late, Great Planet Earth to prove that the Soviet Union was the Antichrist. In each age, Christians called the great antagonist of that age the Antichrist. And they've always been wrong in the past.

But they won't always be wrong. Prophecy is given so that when it does happen, people to whom it is happening will understand what's going on and that God is not taken by surprise. Prophecy is to warn us so that we will understand and have confidence in God. It is written to give us comfort and assurance, not to scare us to death. It's good that Christians are keeping a watchful eye on world events and saying, “Is this it? Is this the Prophecy?”

When the disciples asked Jesus if those were the Last Days, Jesus said no, but that other things must happen first. He told of a season of signs that would occur before the Last Days began. The season of signs include many big earthquakes throughout the world, warring nations all over the world, strange weather, and things in the sky that we had never seen before. Many people think those signs have begun, beginning in 1948. We don't know how long those signs will continue, but Jesus did say, “that generation will not pass until all is complete.”

I am reading a book and, although not finished, I think it's important enough to mention it to you. It is God's War on Terror by Walid Shoebat. It gives a view on the teaching of Antichrist, and I think it's worth mentioning because he may have hit the nail right on the head.

Islamic crescent on Mosque Walid Shoebat was once a Muslim terrorist who converted to Christianity. He studied Islam the first part of his life and he studied the Bible in the latter part. From the start of the Bible to its finish, Shoebat shows how Islam fulfills Biblical prophecy as the Antichrist. I don't mean he shows that Islam the religion is the Antichrist; I mean he's talking about a Muslim using Islam will be the Antichrist.

The Western World – western Europe, America and Australia – have long taught doctrines of Antichrist from a western understanding and viewpoint. Walid Shoebat is from the Eastern world, and the Bible is also from the East. He views prophecy with an Eastern eye. Thus he has caught many things the West has missed. This is one of them: The Bible time and again calls Satan and the Antichrist a deceiver and liar. In the Qur'an, Allah boasts he is the greatest Deceiver of all, and he lies to accomplish his purpose. That's pretty significant, don't you think?

Jesus warned us that in the last days, world-wide deception will be used and even the elect of God will be deceived if they are not careful. We need to be careful and alert. We need to expect the Deception and recognize it for what it is: Deception.

I do recommend Christians and Jews to read Walid Shoebat's book God's War on Terror.