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What If Conservativism Won?

A friend of mine made this comment about things he would lose if Democrats had influenced America the way they did over the years.

If the Conservatives had complete control through the years, there would have been no labor unions for people like me.  Therefore, we would have no pensions, no medical insurance, no dental insurance, etc.

There would have been no Social Security, Medicare for the elderly.

Without my small pension, Social Security and Medicare I would be in dark, deep, serious trouble and my wife and I would be living on the street.

I wish I was more eloquent, But that’s the way I see it.

I’ve often had the same thoughts and had to figure out what’s going on.  What I’m called upon to do here is to construct what America would be like if conservativism had won; that is, if there were no liberals.  That means my description is going to be hypothetical and therefore in danger of being utopian.  I’m warning you of that up front.

Two things you should remember:

1) the socialists always present a utopian society and expect you to believe in it

2) you have enough intelligence to understand when something is reasonable.

I depend on your to remember those two items while reading my response to your comment.

This United States has been undergoing transformation into a socialist country since 1933; a little at first and then more as time goes on.  Now we are conditioned to live with Social Security and Medicare.  The fear arises when one thinks, “What if everything was the same as now except I did not have Social Security or Medicare?”  But you see, things would not have been the same if conservativism had triumphed; our culture would have been different, and it could have been better.

Today you’re living in the fear of, “What if the United States decreases or ends Social Security?”  In a proper conservative nation, you wouldn’t have that fear; your future would not only have been provided for by yourself, but it would also have been provided better than what you have now.

You may think, “But I have never earned enough money to save in order to provide for myself after retirement.”  You may not have earned enough money in a socialist nation, because the socialist nation is designed to keep you from earning enough money. 

If there were no socialism —

If all the excessive taxes and regulations the government puts on you and on the company that pays you were gone —

If you had proper instruction (information) on how to provide for your future —

Then you would have been far better off than what you are now under Social Security and Medicare. How much better off? Three to five times better, and that might be an underestimate.


Americans should be furious, especially the over-50 crowd, that liberals stole our wealth, our freedom and our future.

“Liberal” is another name for socialist, just as “Progressive” is another name.  The reason socialists adopt other names and descriptions is because socialism was rejected in the United States.  The result of socialism was exposed in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, and any other Communist nations.  Socialism is exposed in the bankrupt nations that socialized their medical practices and who are now trying to get rid of it.  Socialism was exposed when China rejected their economic model which was impoverishing the nation and adopted capitalism, while keeping the totalitarianism of Communism.  (China is now undergoing major economic growth because its industries have gone capitalist.)

What made America great and free is the opposite of socialism.  What made us great is capitalism and free enterprise (not to mention our faith in God).  Socialism always brings poverty to the general population, and it always brings great wealth to the people in power.  That is why the people in power want socialism, not because it helps the people (it doesn’t!) but because it enriches and empowers them.

Socialists promote Social Security because it makes the elderly dependent on the government rather than independent.  Socialists promote Medicare because it makes the weak and infirm dependent on the government, in spite of the fact that American medical care is the best and cheapest in the world when left alone.

Socialists have always used deception – lying – as a way to get what they want.  For example, trade unions.  In the 1930s, the socialists – that is, the American Communists – campaigned for and rioted for trade unions.  Their goal at that time, under the direction of Josef Stalin in Russia, was to overthrow the American government by causing the “common” people to riot and install a Communist government.  Trade Unions was their tool to get that done.

Companies and the government opposed the trade unions at first not because socialism gave power to the people but because their action was designed to overthrow and destroy the companies and the government.

Look how that played out.  The rioting workers (who didn’t realize they are being manipulated behind the scenes) said, “Give us rights,”  and management said, “No.”  That sounds like management is against workers having rights, but it’s not the case.

Now let’s look at the same situation with a capitalist and free market eye.  Each human is a business company unto himself.  It’s a company of one.  Each company (person) has the right and duty to look after his own business (himself and his family), to freely assemble (American liberty) and to draw up contracts.  Their assembly is with other like companies (individuals).  Their contact is with the hiring company.  The contract properly benefits both parties.  Each party is obligated to get the best deal for themselves and neither party has to sign a contract against his will.

What I just described is a conservative representation of a labor union, except the conservative version does not make the company owners to be villains who need to be overthrown, punished and even executed.  Remember, large companies do not have one owner; they are owned by thousands of people called stockholders, many of whom are the workers themselves.  It’s the management of the company, the CEO and down, who negotiate contracts. 

If done rightly, in a conservative way, we could have had something better than trade unions today; we could have workers and management working in harmony and not with animosity, strikes and poverty.

Socialism has always stirred up hatred in order to get people to do their bidding.  Nazi Germany used hatred of the Jews.  American socialism uses hatred of business – that’s because they need to get people to depend on the government rather than on themselves.

The main problem with America today is the same problem we had in 1933 that led us to give up our freedoms and adopt socialism: ignorance.  We do not know the power of freedom and capitalism because we do not teach ourselves freedom and capitalism.  Our schools do not teach capitalism, liberty and American philosophy.

When God brought Israel out of Egypt and gave them the law, “by which you may live and not die,” he told them,

“These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.  Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.  Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.”  (Deuteronomy 6:6-9)

That is what we should be doing in America.  Without that knowledge and education in capitalism, free enterprise and liberty, we are destined to be tricked and deceived into slavery by socialists.