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The Great Conspiracy

I've mentioned to a few people about a conspiracy taking place and some of them asked me to tell them more.  Until now, I've declined to do that.  But since I brought it up, I should at least do them the courtesy of explaining myself.

There is a vast worldwide conspiracy for a group of people to take over all the world's governments and money, but I don't expect you to believe me.  The conspiracy has been going on for a long time, I think for hundreds of years.  Lately they have grown powerful enough to become a real threat to you and to your freedom right now.

Although I've reasoned, researched, discovered and found out this conspiracy on my own, I've found other voices in the world who also found out and are shouting the alarm, as am I.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist – you know, a person who believes and falls for every conspiracy that comes along, such as:

  1. Man did not land on the moon; it's a government conspiracy.
  2. The earth actually is flat; it's a government conspiracy to make us think it's round.
  3. The United States government (or, The Jews) brought down the World Trade Center, not the Muslims.
  4. UFOs and space aliens have been visiting earth for years and formed an alliance with our government, who is keeping it secret from us.
and on and on.   When I hear a conspiracy, I usually dismiss it and understand it is the believer's responsible to prove it, not mine to believe everything that's tossed my way.

There's an adage used by some paranoid people which is very true and goes this way, "Although I'm paranoid, that doesn't mean there's nobody out there trying to get me."  The same is true here.  Just because I'm not a conspiracy theorist (and I hope you're not also), that doesn't mean there is no conspiracy. 

There is proof enough of what I say, but my life is not in danger because nobody's going to believe me anyway.  There's a few people out there echoing my call, but their voices are so few, they are relatively safe, too.  Nevertheless, when an alarmist becomes influential and people start listening, that's when he's in danger.  Presidents Garfield and McKinley were assassinated when they were about to take steps that would significantly impede the conspiracy.  But again, the conspiracy is secret (which is the nature of conspiracies), and therefore other reasons in history books are given for their assassination; the fact still remains that they were killed just as they were beginning a political path that would delay or block the conspiracy. 

I've already said the burden of proof is on me, but I'm not going to give it to you.  That is because compiling it is a huge piece of work and you're not gong to believe me anyway.  I'm not going to waste my time on such a fruitless effort.  The evidence is all around you, but few people see it or choose to understand it.  They would rather be blind and be happy for a minute, although they and their children are in danger of poverty and enslavement. 

I've talked before about liberals, which is just another name for socialists.  They changed their name  to Liberals in their continuing effort to confuse and mislead people.  Many people have caught on to that, so they're changing their name again to Progressives. 

Socialism, one arm of the Great Conspiracy, is a worldwide movement, and socialist leaders think they're in charge, that they will take over the world's governments and money supply.  But there is a higher secret movement behind them.  In the United States, the socialists have taken over the Democrat political party, gaining momentum in the 1960s and completing their success in the 1980s.  Today, in the United States, the Democrats are the political arm of the socialist movement.  The same is true in other nations, especially European nations but including certain Latin American, Asian and African nations.

Another arm of the Conspiracy is the world banking industry.  Those leaders think they're in charge and will take over the world's governments and money supply.  But there is a higher, more sinister movement behind them.  The American constitution authorizes Congress to print money.  Congress has turned that task over to the privately held bank, the Federal Reserve.  Six other times the European-style banking system tried to set up an American national bank, but after awhile they were all dismantled by Americans.  However, they kept trying, and the Democrat President Woodrow Wilson's administration brought in the Federal Reserve.

If the United States printed money, it would belong to the United States.  Since the money is printed by the Federal Reserve, the money belongs to them and is borrowed by the American Government.  Every dollar bill in circulation today belongs to the bank and the government is indebted to that bank for that money plus interest.  The bankers do not call back the money; they just collect interest, which comes from the taxpayers.  When the bank owners want to do something to their financial or political benefit, they slow printing money and call in some of their notes, which causes a recession or depression.  When the bankers get what they want, they loosen up the money again and the recession is over. 

In 1893 the bankers decided they needed to own more American land, so they shortened the supply of money, causing the Panic (recession) of 1893.  Farmers went broke and banks foreclosed on their farms.  That sounds eerily like the Housing Crisis of 2008, which is still going on today.  Some people will debate the cause of the 1893 Panic, pointing to history books that explain it in a different way.  But executive notes passed between bankers (still existing today) prior to that time say that is precisely what they intended to do, to cause a depression in order to gain land. 

People may say, "But banks also fail and go out of business during recessions." True, many banks are owned by decent, honest citizens. I'm talking about the Great Conspiracy bankers who loan money to governments.

There is a way to stop that.  America could begin printing its own money again – as the constitution says it should – and pay off its debt to the bankers.  Andrew Jackson did that (thereby destroying the Second Bank of the United States) and Abraham Lincoln started doing that in 1862, which was hugely successful during the war, but he was assassinated and congress returned to the national bank it had at the time. Lincoln was assassinated, I think, not by the bankers but by a disgruntled Southern patriot.

I have only named two movements as part of the Great Conspiracy.  There is a higher power behind these systems, the Socialists and the Bankers, which I haven't mentioned.   It is a spiritual power.  The Christian Bible and the Jewish Bible tell about it.   Those books tell of this time, when an appalling power will wrestle with and almost gain control over the entire world.  Every Jew will be in danger of elimination, and every Christian who supports Jews is also in danger.  I remind you of the socialist Nazi power who tried to destroy the Jews, and of the socialist Communist power who tried to destroy the Jews  by murder and oppression.  Today's socialist government in Washington D.C. has come out against Israel and sides with the Muslims to the harm of the Jews. 

I do want to warn you of one more thing.  Beware of high-sounding, noble words.  The Enemy is an excellent user of words and that is how he deceives.  The Bankers, when convincing America to use the European style of banking, called their money "Honest Money."  Now who wouldn't want to use honest money more than dishonest money?  The Socialists gain followers by saying "We're for the working people and the Republicans are for business."  Now who wouldn't want to be "for the people"?  But the socialists steal your money, your government and your freedom.   

The time to come will get bad, and people will fear for their lives and future; many will die from fear or murder.   But it's only beginning now.  You ain't seen nothing, yet.