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It's Time for a New Conservative Political Party

I think it's obvious to many conservatives that we're ready to have a conservative political party. Our philosophy is a winning philosophy because it is the only one that works perfectly and always. We have the only way that enriches and empowers both the citizens and the nation. We have the only way that offers a moral compass and upright living. We have the only way that is reasonable and makes sense; even the common person can understand it, if presented right.

Forming a successful new political party may be difficult, but it's not impossible. When the Republican party was created, it successfully elected a President within ten years, in 1860. Conservatives right now have all it needs to form a major new party in the United States: the leaders, the need, the people, the desire, the ability and the right timing.

Our leaders already are people like Newt Gingrich, David Horowitz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Larry Elder, and many more. Our need is that of a true conservative party. One doesn't exist in the United States, and it's been impossible to convert the Republicans to conservative philosophy. The right timing is now. Events of the last six years have shown us the great need and the great desire for a true conservative base.

I have only these suggestions to include a new conservative party:

  1. Pick a better description than "conservative." That name and its counterpart, "liberal," have evolved in meanings that are no longer suitable for us.
  2. Drop the alienation with gay people. It is wrong. Being gay does not threaten society or marriage, and that should be obvious to anyone who applies critical thought to the issue.
  3. Do not drop the "Right to Life." Murder has always been illegal, and parents should never be given to right to kill their own children. Instead, define "life." Courts have already determined that death occurs when brain activity stops. Therefore the beginning of life should be the beginning of brain activity. That allows people to use birth control and even the "morning-after pill."
  4. Be assertive and aggressive when putting forth our philosophy. The liberals are killing us with meaningless and false cliches. The problem is not the lies of the liberals but the ignorance of the people. If the people have insufficient knowledge to protect them from clever lies, then they will fall for them. They have to. Especially when those lies promise financial rewards. Therefore we must be just as thoughtful, just as assertive and just as aggressive to education the people as they are, and even more so. The good news is, the liberal propaganda cannot begin to stand up against the truth, when the truth is known.

Please, let's get on with it. It's time to take responsibility for our lives and our country, as good conservatives should