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Two Types of Liberals

There are two types of liberals, those who are completely deceived and those who are doing the deceiving. I hope after reading that statement you hang around long enough for me to prove my point – or rebut me.

First, let me define my terms and set the stage.

First premise:

The way to find out a person's true beliefs and meaning is to look at what he does, not at what he says. If a person does everything he can to hurt you and destroy you and deminish you, all the while saying, "I love you," you know he's lying. The truth is, he hates you.

Don't listen to the words; watch the action.

If an abusive husband, after severely beating his wife, says, "Aw, Honey, you know I love you. I'm just to insanely jealous for you. You just drive me crazy..." He hates her.

If a church (as in medieval days) says, "I'm doing this for your own good, so you'll have less punishment in heaven," as they slowly roast you over a fire, taking you twenty-four hours to die, or as they slowly strip skin from your body, that your soul may be saved, then you know they are lying. They hate you. They are not doing it for your good. Jesus said, "By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you have love one to another." And again, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Second premise:

Democrats, Liberals, Environmentalists, and other like minority groups (like the ACLU and Unions) are in the same camp. If you refer to one, you refer to the others.

Liberals have taken over the Democrat party. That party is now the political arm of the liberal movement. Environmentalists support the Democrats 100%, and the Democrats support the environmentalists 100%. Evnironmentalists uses their resources, financial and otherwise either to defeat Republicans or to shape Democrats.

Look At What They Do

The topic here is that there are two types of liberals: those who are completely deceived and those who are doing the deceiving. This is not to prove that liberals (the deceivers) hate America, although it is evident they do.


The ACLU, liberals and Democrats have taken prayer, Bible reading, church influence, and scripture such as the Ten Commandments, out of schools. They have removed and are still trying to remove parental influence over their children. They have brought in condoms, abortions (without parental knowledge or consent) and non-existent grading and achievement into the schools. They have declared war on those parents who home-school their children, trying to outlaw them. They refuse to let parents put their children into better public schools. They have bussed children to schools many miles beyond their own neighborhood to "force integration," but which actually tears down the child's attachment to his own family neighborhood.

Yet there are still teachers and citizens who claim to be Christian who support this system. When the evidence and actions are overwhelmingly clear that the liberals are destroying America's education system, there are still Christians who support it. Why? It could only be that they are totally blinded, totally deceived as to what is going on. And they, being liberal, are not going to admit they are wrong.

There is no lie so blatant,
no depravity so vile,
no ignorance so inexcusable,
no argument so unreasoned
that man will not embrace
if it keeps him from admitting
that he is wrong.


A bumper-sticker slogan (and liberals thrive on bumper-sticker slogans) says, "Jesus was a liberal." Apparently they like to say that because Jesus told us to care for the poor. The liberals say they care for the poor, but the fact is, all they do is try to buy votes to stay in office. How can I I say that? Because liberals themselves don't give to the poor. Study after study have shown that liberal leaders donate the least of their own money to the poor (which Jesus espoused them to do). Conservative giving outstrips liberal giving by a large margin. Instead, liberals fight to raise taxes to take other people's money and give that to the poor. Such giving is always intended to buy their votes. How do I know that? Because every election season liberals campaign on how much conservatives hate the poor and how much the liberals give to the poor.

To say "Jesus was a liberal" is mockery. Jesus would never have taken the Bible – the word of God – out of schools. Jesus would never have forbidden children to pray and give thanks. Jesus would never have condoned abortion. Jesus would never have brought condoms into schools or subvert parent's rights over their own children. Yet all that do the liberals support and campaign for.

Still, we see some liberal Christians saying, "Jesus was a liberal." They are the totally deceived liberals. Or, if they know better, then they are the ones doing the deceiving.


Regarding unions, I'm not talking about the right of a worker to collectively bargain with his employer. I personally believe each person is like an individual corporation. He needs to look out for his own welfare, just as corporations do. He needs to "stay in business" (that is, support himself and his family) just as businesses do. I am talking about the Union organizations that run and ruin America today.

Unions got their big push in the 1920's and 1930's when the communist party (a.k.a. liberals) got into the unions and began agitating. The purpose of the communists was not to support the workers (although that is what they said they were doing). Instead, they were in the unions to bring America to its knees and take over the government, to make it a communist America. The communists said they were helping workers against their oppressors to gain a decent living. Many workers believed them. Again, two types of liberals: those who are completely deceived and those who are doing the deceiving.

There is no doubt that many union workers are living a better life today (comparatively speaking) than what they were living in the early twentieth century. But those workers should remember there's only so much money they can take from the till before it dries up and everyone, themselves included, reaps disaster.

But what if we didn't have unions? What then? How would the workers be today? Capitalism works, and it works wonders for those who participate. Competition always brings better services, lower prices and higher returns. In the same way, as the United States became an industrial powerhouse in the early twentieth century. The workers could flock to the companies that did better for them than their previous company. Competition among companies for skilled labor would have brought in proper wages and benefits that would not destroy both the company and the nation. Companies would be forced to compete with, match and surpass other companies in worker's benefits if they wanted to maintain a skilled workforce who would stay put.

Liberals have to demonize capitalism and big business, in order to maintain control over the workers and get their votes.

Minimum Wages

Let's look at what Unions have really done to America. Related to that but possibly not directly linked, is the minimum wage laws in the United States – given to us by the liberals and Democrats.. Once they were $0.50 per hour. Now they are almost $9.00 an hour and in some cases more than that. Liberals say that is to "maintain a living wage." But what really happens?

Employers stay in business. When faced with higher expenses, as in payroll, they cut back on employees. When they used to hire 10 people, they may now hire 8 or 9. Who do they let go? Their best workers? No, they let the least skilled workers go, which are usually minorities. Minimum wage laws are devastating to young, black works, who now walk the streets because they cannot find employment. This from the people who "love the poor."

Another thing employers do is to raise their prices. The employers stay in business and continue to pay themselves. Their customers pay higher prices. Their customers also happen to be their workers. And so a worker pays 2¢ more here, 5¢ more there, 3¢ more for this and 7¢ more for that. The cost of living has gone up, and the workers are no better off; therefore it's time to bring in a higher minimum wage law. But do the workers realize the minimum wage law is the cause of the problem? Of course not. They blame the employers for raising prices and praise the liberals for giving them more money.

Again, it's a case of those who are completely deceived versus those who are doing the deceiving.

American Production

I think everyone knows that American produced goods are mostly gone from the United States. Look at the tag on anything you own, even your food. "Made in China." "Made in Taiwan" "Hecho in Mexico" "Made in Japan" abound on everything, our clothes, our cars, our plates, our toys, our appliances, almost everything.

Why? The goods we buy cannot be produced in the United States any more because it is not cost effective. With the minimum wage law, the union wages, the union rules, the union benefits, and the union support of liberals, the United States can no longer mass produce a viable product and compete on the world market.

American businesses who stayed in business have fled to other countries, Mexico, Asia, and India. There they can work, produce and make a profit. The liberals blame American businesses for doing that, but it's their own fault. They're the ones who did it to America and businesses.

Yet, union members in the United States praise the union and damn the responsible politicians who are trying to save this country. When confronted with their actions and its results, they respond, "You're stupid. You don't know anything." That is, if they don't violently attack you first.

There's no fool like an old fool. The union workers are completely deceived, unless they know better, and then they're the ones doing the deceiving.