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Email to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly

November 19, 2003
Subject:  Gay Marriage
I have a saying, "There are two types of liberals: those who are completely deceived and those who do the deceiving."  It grieves me that there are also conservatives who actively deceive themselves in order to maintain a prejudice.  The Republican Party, moved by conservatives, freed the slaves in 1863.  The Republican Party gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  It is the conservatives who give people freedom and make enduring, positive changes; whereas the liberals simply want to talk about human rights so they will have an issue to "champion."  But today it is the conservatives who are deceiving themselves into thinking that opposing people who want to get married is a conservative issue. It's a human rights issue. 
I'm amazed and flabbergasted at the twisted logic and flat-out lies conservatives come up with to justify their actions in this case.  They say, "Gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage."  That's outrageous and impossible.  It couldn't destroy marriage; that's nothing more than a scare tactic, a method that liberals are so fond of using.  The only way gay marriage could destroy the institution of marriage is if everybody saw how superior gay marriage is to straight marriage and all heterosexuals left their spouses in order to have a gay marriage.  That's not going to happen because most people are not gay.
According to some conservative reports, homosexuality composes about 2% of our population.  Of those 2%, a small percentage wants to get married.  That's going to destroy marriage?  A good rule of thumb is, "You can't save the institution of marriage by denying people the right to get married."
Another outrageous and stupid lie is the saying, "If we allow gay marriage, then we must allow anything else, such as bestiality."  Only a person crazed by hysterical fear could spout that.  If one marriage does not allow bestiality, then how would two marriages allow it?  Our laws about bestiality, incest and bigamy remain untouched even when somebody gets married.  That conservative argument is as reasonable as saying, "If we give women (or blacks) the vote, then we must open up the polls to animals to vote." 
All that gay people want to do in this matter is simply to have a family life to come home to.  They want to eat, sleep, go to work, earn a living, vote, and come home to their spouses.  Denying them that is the depth of depravity.  It's not even Christian, because Jesus said, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."  Do you want people to deny you the right to get married?  If not, then you should not deny others that same right.
I have another saying:
There is no lie so bald,
no depravity so vile,
no ignorance so inexcusable,
no argument so unreasoned
that man will not embrace
if it keeps him from admitting
that he is wrong.
And that is what many conservatives have done concerning gay marriage.
Jerry Brown