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Ron in Wisconsin I relate to the turtle because of what it means to me. I see it as a creature that is wise, deliberate, ancient, and serene. It is not bothered by others rushing around. It carries its own "hide-away" for quick escapes. The turtle is in no hurry; it gets there eventually. That's the way I feel.

I'm Ronald Robert Shultis, born March 16, 1945, in Janesville, Wisconsin. Early in life I felt out of place, as if I were switched with another baby at the hospital. I hated cold whether, thinking I thought I should have been born in Florida or California. I found growing up with four brothers and two sisters was a challenge. I had moments that I just wanted to scream! But I survived it all, and consider myself somewhat sane.

We moved to Fontana, Wisconsin, when I was in the 5th grade, which was a good move for me. My mother died when I was eight, and grandma didn't like my new stepmother, so we moved. Now I lived near a swamp and a lake. I was out of the city and able to romp naked in the woods near the small village. Turtles galore! I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I've always been thankful for that move.

I finished grade school and went onto the scary high school two miles from home. Sometimes I walked -- when I couldn't stand the "competition" on the bus. I am the guy who really did walk two miles in the snow to go to school. The name of the school, you ask? Big Foot High. It's true! It was not named after the creature, but after Chief Big Foot. He and his buddies roamed that area many moons ago.

About three years after high school I went to the American Floral Arts School in Chicago, Illinois and then opened a flower shop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. After five years of hating the winters, I realized I must have been switched at the hospital as a baby. I decided Texas would be nice. I had met Jerry through correspondence and wanted to meet him. I was ready for the adventures that lay before me.

Politics? I, like Jerry, was brought up as a Democrat. My dad and mother were Democrats. My sisters and brothers were Democrats. Thus I was a Democrat. After leaving Wisconsin, the welfare state, I eventually discovered what Republicans really believe. In fact, I found the truth of what really made our country strong and the greatest nation on Earth!

Religion, I like. I like God and His Son Jesus. As a teenager I discovered an exciting relationshipwith my Creator. I went to a country Baptist church. It was small and friendly. Later I attended an Assembly of God Church.

My future: I see much enjoyment and fulfillment. Jerry and I have many goals to reach, places to go, people to visit, business ventures to investigate and challenges to face. Now that I am already in my fifties, I have decided to worry less, laugh more and trust God completely.

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