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Hi. I'm Tyler. I'm all dog and all boy. I was named after Tyler, Texas, though I don't know why. I've never seen Texas. I'm a Yorkie. A Yorkie is a Yorkshire Terrier with his hair cut short. I like my hair cut short. It makes me feel free! And cool. Sometimes Southern California gets real hot.

Here's my bio:

I was born January 13, 1991, on a puppy farm in Arizona. The day I was born, Ms. Wilson went to heaven, so her friend came out to the farm and took us to her home in Los Angeles. Then a car hit my mommy so my brothers and sisters and I were left orphans when we were six weeks old. I cried a lot, but that was a long time ago.

A woman named Janet bought me and took me to her home. I liked her a lot. She was so nice. But she had to work all day and I was left alone in the apartment. That made me sad. She wanted me to have a better home, so she found Master Jerry and Master Ron, and they took me home. I was six months old. That's 3 1/2 in human years.

Things I like:
I like riding in the car. I like weekends. I like going to church. I like it when Ron comes home. I like it when I take Jerry for a walk (I get to go anywhere I want). I like jumping into my carrying case. I like going to McDonald's (I get a hamburger!).

Things I'm afraid of:
Earthquakes, cars backfiring, firecrackers, giant dogs and veterinarians.

Holidays I don't like:
New Year's Day and Fourth of July (firecrackers).

Why I don't like cats: Scratching Cat They SCRATCH!

My favorite picture of a cat: Picture of skull with crossbones

(Now Tyler, that's not nice. Can't you say anything good about cats?)
Well, I wish all cats got free medical care.

(That is nice. Don't you feel better now?)
Yeah, I think every one of them should be spayed or neutered!

(TYLER! By the way, aren't you neutered?)

Here are some things I'm real good at:

  1. I never go in the street by myself. I always wait at the curb to be carried across.
  2. I go to church and sit quietly under the pew until church is over I am really well-behaved.

Things that embarrass me:
Snoring in church.

I like people, and I hope I get to see you sometime.

Bye! I gotta go pee now!


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P.S. Tyler was killed by a coyote at 2:00 a.m. on March 21, 1999, when he went out to take a pee.

Two of my favorite memories of Tyler:

When Tyler was a puppy, he ran out to pee on a tree, but he threw up his hind leg so hard that both legs went into the air. So there he was, standing on his two front paws, hind paws in the air, peeing on the tree.

Tyler was afraid of loud noises and earthquakes. He was also taught not to run into the street. After the Northridge Quake, he went out to pee and an aftershock hit. He got scared and ran away. He ran to the end of the block (and I ran after him). He knew he couldn't get in the street, so he turned left and ran to the end of the next block (I was still running after him). He still couldn't cross the street, so he turned left again, and so on, until he ran around the block and came home again, trying to run away. That was the most exercise I got in years.