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The Second Most Important Thing
You Need To Know:
How To Make Life Work For You

I want to tell you the second most important thing you'll ever hear in your life. I'm telling you something so important, so spectacular, that your life will never be the same. This is more important than money. It is more important than sex. It is more important than finding and keeping that "special someone" in your life. It is more important than your friends, pleasures and money all combined. The reason this is more important than all those things is, if you know and believe what I say here, then you can get all those things and more. Your life and their lives will be immensely benefited when you have, believe and practice this knowledge.

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I'm going to tell you what it is in two sentences. Then I'll break it down and explain how it works. It's up to you to decide what you're going to do with it.

Here it is:

There are Principles of Success that are just as true as the laws of physics. You can use these principles, these laws, to make life work for you.

When you learn how to make life work for you, then you can get the best life has to offer. You will be the kind of man or woman you want to be, the kind you should be, the kind you long to be. You will successfully deal with your finances, your family, your friends, and more importantly your soul. Your life will be like a never-ending fountain, flowing up for you. Your joy will be always bubbling.

What's It All About?
Wealth, income, success, happiness,
accomplishment, satisfaction, security, joy
Poverty, loss, failure, fear, defeat, regret, peril, anguish

I'm going to tell you about wealth. Wealth, as I use it, is the type of life you want and should have. Money and financial security are part of it, but not all of it.

If you do something, you're working for Wealth.
If you do nothing, you're working for Poverty.
If you do something that's equal to doing nothing, you're working for Poverty.

Has it ever occurred to you how strange it is that about three percent of the world's population has extraordinary success in life and ninety-seven percent do not? From three percent come the world's political leaders. From three percent come the world's wealthiest people. From three percent come the scientists, the artists, the actors, all the people who seem to have it made, who have everything going for them, who have the power and the wealth and the means to get or do anything they want.

Ninety-seven percent live in the shadow of these three percent. Ninety-seven percent are employed by those who are self-employed, entertained and amused by those who create, benefited by those who invent, ruled by those who govern. Why is it that we all live on planet earth, all share the same mental, physical and spiritual resources, yet only three percent truly benefit from it. What are they doing that you're not? What do they have that you don't?

Yet there are degrees of success within the ninth-seven percent. Of them, ten percent earn more and have a higher degree of success than the other eighty-seven percent combined. What do these achievers and super-achievers do that the majority of people do not?

It is what you do with what you have that determines your success and wealth in life, and you already have all you need to start. You already have the resources it takes to gain any level of wealth and success you want. It is within your reach, and within your ability to obtain. It is your choice. You have it in your power to choose what sort of life you want.

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